News Writer – Intern Position

Remote – Editorial

Looking for aspiring bloggers

Compensation: This is an intern position that will grow into a paying position.
We’re looking for aspiring news, fashion, sports, politics, movies/tv, music, tech, men/women issues bloggers to join our team. Our publications are hiring, we’re already building up an audience that’s eager to see what we can create. Our publications caters to an audience that is very diverse, so please be mindful of the differences in tastes, preferences and needs.

This is intern position and is something that could be done on the side, but consistency is key. We’d like to have three article to post each week. These could be articles, interviews, fashion tips and tutorials, or product reviews.

We know this sounds like a lot, but we’re really looking for someone that’s willing to go on this journey with us. We will do our best to develop you as a writer, and help you build your personal brand.

If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, please send us an email with a brief bio and tell us what you believe you bring to the brand and what you want the brand to do for you.

Be sure to mention which publication you are interested in writing for.